The Use of Function Keys on Key Board

keyboard function keys

Everyone who’s computer friendly will know about the keyboard. One question will be seen in many people’s minds by seeing the button called ‘ Function Keys ‘ on keyboard.

What is their work?

The use of these “Function Keys” can vary in different computers but changes in their use can be done in settings keeping their convenience.

You’ll be surprised to know the work of these ‘Function Keys‘ in the

1: F1

By pressing F1 with Windows (button) the computer’s help menu opens. ( Windows Key + F1 )
In Excel and Word, Press F1 with Ctrl button to hide or display the ribbon menu in the top. ( Ctrl + F1 )

2: F2

In Microsoft, Just dial Ctrl and F2 to View Print Preview and print document directly from here. ( Ctrl + F2 )
The Windows Explorer uses F2 kay to change the selected folder or file name. ( F2 )

3: F3

Opens the search option in the Windows Explorer. ( F3 )
With the help of Shift + F3, the English characters in the word can be converted into small or small. ( Shift + F3 )
Find Feature opens in Firefox or Chrome. ( F3 )

4: F4

Use Alt + F4 keys to Close File/Tabs. ( Alt + F4 )

5: F5

The slide show starts in the Power Point. ( F5 )
Internet Refresh browser’s pages are refreshed. ( F5 )

6: F6

Moves the cursor to the Address bar in most internet browsers. ( F6 )
Press Ctrl + F6, the MS Word Documents can be switched between. ( Ctrl + F6 )

7: F7

Used to Spell Check and Grammar check a document in MS Word. ( Alt + F7 )
In Microsoft Word, Thesaurus will be open. ( Shift + F7 )

8: F8

Used for turn into Safe Mode at computer Start up. ( F8 )

9: F9

In MS Word, Refresh and Update Document. ( F9 )
In MS Outlook, Press F9 to send and receive E-Mails. ( F9 )

10: F10

Activates the menu bar of an open application. ( F10 )
Press Shift + F10, Same work as Right Clicking. ( Shift + F10 )

11: F11

Convert your Internet Browser screen into a full screen and convert back into fit screen. ( F11 )
Shift + F11 Excel adds a new Spreadsheet. ( Shift + F11 )

12: F12

In MS Word, Use F12 for Save As. ( F12 )
In MS Word, Use Shift + F12 to open Documents. ( Shift + F12 )

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