Seven Tips to improve your Laptop Life

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Laptops means that people think it can be done at any time by keeping them on the laps. People use laptops for their ease compared to computers. On the laptop you can do your work having to sit without the power supply. Due to that ease, Laptops are more expensive then Computers.

You can take care of these Basics, Your Laptop can be Better for a Long Time and keep a Good Performance.

1: Anti-Virus Installation

The importance of antivirus can be done for computer, it will be all known, so it is unclear. But despite the importance, the common user does not show interest in installing and updating anti-virus. The presence of a virus or malware may slow down the performance of laptops or it may also be completely damaged by virus/malware.

2: Delete Extra Programs and Files for a Better Laptop Life

Uninstall some useless software for the laptop because they cover up extra space from hard drive and slow downs the laptop performance. Also delete extra files from the desktop or move them to another drive of the laptop then its boot up and work fast. The last thing to do that Empty the recycle bin.

3: Startup Programs while Laptop boot

If the laptop window is showing a slow attitude, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc by checking the task manager. Task Manager have a list of all applications that start with a laptop boot. This program can be disconnected by right click on program.

It does not mean that this program will no longer work, but then you want to start any disable program simply click on it from start menu.

4: Don’t Keep Your Laptop on your Lap

Just because it’s a laptop, you can not keep it in your lap at all times. To keep laptops need clean and smooth surface.

The processor is a computer brain and it Is necessary to keep it cool for better work.

 Aaron Schoeffler (COO of Computer Repair Doctor)

Most laptops have a Fan in the middle of the laptop, if there is a cold or rough cloth underneath it, it will not only be a problem keeping the processor cool, but also inside the laptop.

5: Laptop Should Turn off Completely

Laptops are considered to be easy to turn off, simply lower the screen and close the laptop,but it’s not. For better performance of laptops and long lifespan, it is necessary for it to go into the main menu and shutdown properly. So that we start laptop again then system files should be repaired properly after closing and starting the laptop. If laptops work too much, at least once a week laptop should be completely closed.

6: Many Tabs Open While Working

In case of multiple tabs are opened, the processor’s performance is affected and ultimately laptop’s. which leads to the poor functioning of it.

7: Don’t Caught from Laptop Screen

Taking a laptop from the top of the screen it seems very easy to pick up but the laptop screen can be loose from its base. Therefore, it is better to think that the laptop screen should be closed on its base rather than holding it, hanging it in the arm. Showing a bit greatness on your laptop, its age and performance can increase.

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