Tips to Make a Secure and Strong Password

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make a secure and strong password

In this article you will find better way to make a secure and strong password.

Cyber security is essential for today’s cyber-era and it is necessary that you Keep your social platforms away from others access so that the cyber crime act can prevent problems and other problems. The hidden words and numbers are used for it. Hidden words i.e. “Password” only you have or under extreme necessity those who are close to you and trusted.

Some of English Characters, a Few Numbers & Some Marks, you can be wrong if you call the best password to it.

Occasionally despite password both of your online accounts or data “Hack” occur. To avoid this, along with password some security measures will also have to be adopted so that password can be more secure. You also check your password if you are not making these mistakes.

Never Use Word “PASSWORD” as Your Password

Amazingly, “Password” is at the top in the list of the most used passwords list. It is not about anyone else rather that hackers who have steal millions of password. In addition, famous passwords have 123456, 12345678 and Welcome. You can also check your password, so that it’s not a commonly used password.

Strong Password

To test the strength of the password no machine is required separately. While setting a Password the strength can be estimated of the password. The automated system will tell you how strong your password is.
In case of any weakening of the password you will find more tips mention below.

Keep the Different Password for Different Accounts

Using just one password for everything can be threaten for all of your information. In any case, if any hacker accesses one of your accounts and from here it reaches to your other information.

“Security Question” is Clear

On different sites if you forget the password they ask a security question and then after that, it may be possible to change your password.

Should have Security Questions & Answers that are Limited to Your Limit and That You Have Not Shared With Anyone Else Besides Yourself.

According to McAfee (Anti-virus software)

Do Not Use “Identifying Words and Numbers” in the Password

The way there should not be clear questions and answers about security, in the same way don’t use any kind of identifying words and Numbers. i.e Your identity numbers and names, Any of your favorite things and your accommodation location.

Do not use all such things in passwords which are very easy to scroll or information about you available online try extraordinary words that are not easy to find.

Use of Space-bar

Many sites do not allow you to use the “Space Bar” by defining the password. Therefore, use it there where not to be denied. People can put their own ideas on words but it is difficult to think about “Space-Bar“.

Invent New Words

Hacker Experts say, Instead of using already existing words, create strong password with a combination of different words and characters. i.e, use half part of a Famous Person and other part is where you Live and one extra charactor. Just like “[email protected]” is driven from “Justin England Faminism” such as words because you invented so only you will be limited to it.

Use Long Password

Cyber Security Experts say, That the password should contain 14-18 characters. Like empty spaces, many websites do not allow such long passwords, but keep long passwords of 14 characters, where there is no such restriction.

Use Confirmation Methods

Most website offers more than one method for login. After entering your password you are asked for more information. Such as your phone number or email address on which you can send a few digits or letters separately. This gives you another protective layer.

Of course, You will be very sensitive about your password and you will also be taking all the precautions. Please check your password again as if you might not be forgetting something…

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