How To Create Bootable USB Drive For Windows Installation

Create Bootable USB Drive | You can create a bootable USB Drive for the installation of windows. There are several ways to make bootable USB with or without the help of any software for windows installation. Here, we are used as a simple method to create a bootable USB Flash drive without any external software. In this method we use CMD Commands Prompt method, CMD application includes in every windows version. So Let’s Start…

Prepare a USB drive before starting the process. We ensure that the USB drive is empty if it has anything (e.g; Files or Personal Data) in it. It will be deleted during the process and your data or files would be a loss. So be careful before the start, copy your data on another place.

Create Bootable USB drive:

  • Insert a USB flash drive into USB Port.
  • Open CMD Command prompt windows as an administrator.
  • Type DISTPART.
  • A New CMD Command prompt window open. To check the USB flash drive number or letter in CMD. Type LISTDISK and then press Enter. This command shows you the list of all disk on the computer. Note the drive number or drive letter of the USB drive.
  • Now select your desired USB drive for further operation. Type SELECT DISK (X), where X is the number of the USB drive.
  • Now you need to clean your USB drive, Type CLEAN, and then Enter. This command will delete all your data from a selected drive. “So Be Careful on This Step”.
  • To Create new primary partition of the USB flash drive, Type CREATE PART PRI and then Enter.
  • The select partition that just created in the above step. Type SELECT PART 1 and then Enter.
  • Now you need to format your USB partition, For this Type command FS=NTFS QUICK and then press Enter.
  • To activate your USB drive, Type ACTIVE and then press Enter.
  • And Last one is Type EXIT and Enter.

Now you are ready to install new windows from your USB Flash drive. just copy your windows .iso file in your prepared bootable USB.

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