Airplane Mode Uses and Benefits in Smart Phone

Airplane Mode uses and benefits

Airplane Mode Uses and Benefits | Airplane mode is a setting available on mobile phones and other cellular devices. When turned on it disable mobile network signals, WiFi, Bluetooth and Sometimes GPS system. Due to activating airplane mode mobile phone unable to make calls and unable to send & receive text messages and it also prevent to use internet on mobile phone.

The Airplane also known as Aeroplane Mode, Flight Mode, Offline Mode, or Standalone Mode.

Airplane Mode Uses and Benefits

Airplane Mode uses and benefits
Airplane Mode

Most of the Airlines of using equipment transmitting radio signal while in flight. By using airplane mode prevents devices from intercept transmitting.

When the “Airplane Mode” is activated, It disables all voice calls, text messages, internet and other signal-transmitting technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Some latest aircraft are allow to use WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS services separately even while device is in airplane mode.

In Airplane mode, only few services that are send and receive signal are disabled. The mobile user can still access the device’s Camera, Play Games, Listen Music and so on… User can also write and save text and email messages to be sent when service is permitted again.

Airplane mode is very useful feature even when you’re on the ground. When your device is near to shutdown due to low battery. On this time excellent way to save battery power of your device turn it on.

The network signal on a device use a large amount of battery power while communicating with network towers, scanning and connecting to WiFi networks, waiting for Bluetooth connections and continuously checking your location via GPS.

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